Fuji Logitech's Strengths

Fuji Logitech's three core strengths―"Operations Capabilities," "Analysis and Proposal Capabilities," and "System Development Capabilities"

We leverage these three strengths to optimize our clients' logistics strategies.

Operations Capabilities Analysis and Proposal Capabilities System Development Capabilities

We consider "Operations Capabilities" to be a combination of on-site capabilities and mobility

Surge Handling Capabilities

We can flexibly handle various operational surges. Clients can make fluid use of the personnel and systems they desire.

* Full-time employees / directly hired part-time employees / regulars / spot workers
* Support system utilizing nearby satellite warehouses
* System-based support
* Material handling tailored to individual operations
⇒ Labor and personnel savings

Annual Surges, Monthly Surges

Productivity and Quality Management

Our systems ensure high levels of productivity and quality, and we are constantly implementing worksite improvements.

* Productivity management and education using ABC analysis
* ISO9001-based education system
* KPI values set, evaluated, and improved together with clients

Fuji Logitech's Quality Case Studies

Foreign-owned Company A (precision instruments)

Transportation damage 4
Shipping errors 0
Inventory variance 0
No. of shipments 4,797
Shipped pieces 122,622
Inspection A 4,704
Inspection B 4,623
Inspection C 1,149
Delivery by specified time 100%

* Annual shipments: 4,797 shipments
* Annual shipped pcs: 122,622 pcs

* Shipping error rate: 0%
* Inventory variance rate:0%
* Delivery by specified time:100%


Foreign-owned Company B (consumer goods)

Shipping errors 0
Inventory variance 0
Received pieces 1,943,903
No. of shipments 77,843
Shipped pieces 2,140,159
No. of shipped packages 146,930
Delivery by specified time 100%

Annual shipments: 77,843 shipments
Annual shipped pcs: 2,140,159 pcs

* Shipping error rate:0.0001%
* Inventory variance rate:0.0013%
* Delivery by specified time:100%


Analysis Tool Case Studies

Logistics cost ranking
Client logistics cost conditions are ranked by sales, quantity, and logistics costs.
Results can be displayed separately for sales and transfers.
Return rates per customer
Return rates for individual customers are ranked in terms of both shipping quantity and sales amount.
AGING management
Displays theoretical values for inventory ages and quantities, starting from the day products were received.
Product order placement sales rates
Displays sales of products ordered at exhibitions, etc., on an individual PO# basis, in terms of both inventory quantity and sales rate. Can be used as an order management and sales management tool.
Fuji Logitech's System Development Capabilities
01 In-house design
Most of our in-house SEs have warehouse operation experience.
This makes it possible to design systems based on a thorough understanding of clients' and worksites' needs.
02 Unified nationwide platform and individual client WMS
The same core WMS (Warehouse Management System) menu is used nationwide, and customized for individual clients.
This makes it possible to develop systems in a short period of time, ensuring that prices are reasonable.
03 Track record of connections with various industries and ERPs
The expertise we have developed working with various industries is reflected in our systems.
We also have extensive experience connecting to ERPs such as SAP and JDE.

IT Management

IT-based visualization makes smooth, waste-free logistics operations possible.

Logistics condition visualization

Picking work progress management Inspection work progress management Replenishment progress management

Inventory status visualization

Inventory trends per SKU
Visualized trends for inventory items from warehousing to shipping, over the past year can be confirmed on an individual SKU basis, making it possible to assess procurement and sales conditions.
Acceptance processing status

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