Precision Instruments

We have an extensive handling record of providing logistics for precision instruments, and can also handle complex related work.

Precision InstrumentsOur core precision instrument work consists of warehouse storage of products manufactured and assembled in factories inside Japan and abroad, and delivery of products based on delivery orders, in specified amounts, at specified times, to specified locations. We also handle complex related work.
We have a long track record of rental communications device inspection, reuse, and version upgrading; built-to-order computer assembly, software installation, and configuration; computer and game peripheral function inspection; and electrical inspection.
We provide BtoB and BtoC services and function as an inspection center and customer center, in accordance with our clients' business structures.

Main Track Record

Client Products
Foreign computers (North America) Computers, peripherals
Foreign communications devices (North America) Communications devices, line cards
Foreign computer peripherals (Europe) Computer peripherals
Foreign computers (North America) Computers, peripherals
Foreign information device components (North America) Information device components
Foreign appliances (Northern Europe) Audio devices
Japanese appliance manufacturer Washing machines
Japanese automobile manufacturer Electric wheelchairs
Japanese precision instruments Cash registers
Japanese appliance manufacturer Appliances

Handling Record

  Desktop computers, notebook computers, tablet computers

computers Inspection and Work Examples
  Individual custom order handling
  ・Software installation
  ・Memory expansion
  ・Hard disk replacement
Computer peripherals
  Mouses, keyboards, web cameras, headsets and speakers

Computer peripherals Inspection and Work Examples
  ・Visual inspection (damage, detritus, labelling)
  ・Operation confirmation
  ・Keyboard arrangement confirmation
  ・Package replacement
Touch panels
Touch panels Inspection and Work Examples
  ・Visual inspection
  ・Operation confirmation
  ・Contaminant inspection (dust, dirt)
  ・Display color visual inspection
  ・Dead pixel visual inspection
  ・Brightness confirmation
  ・Impact testing
  ・Shelf-life testing
Electrical appliances
  Coffee makers, audio devices, washing machines, air conditioners, air purifiers, electric wheelchairs

Electrical appliances Inspection and Work Examples
  ・Visual inspection (color, damage, burring, detritus, labelling)
  ・Operation confirmation
  ・Noise inspection
  ・Indicator lamp operation inspection
  ・Electrical inspection (breakdown testing,
    electrical energy measurement)
    - Insulation resistance testing   - Withstand voltage testing
    - Power consumption measurement   - Current leakage testing
    - Printed circuit board (PCB) operation confirmation
Communications devices and sensors
Communications devices and sensors
  Line cards

Inspection and Work Examples
  ・Set assembly
  Infrared sensors

Inspection and Work Examples
  ・Operation confirmation

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