Quality Improvement

Quality improvement directly contributes not only to cost reductions, but also increased revenue.

Fuji Logitech is constantly implementing logistics quality improvement efforts. These cover a wide range of measures such as improving driving efficiency through high fuel efficiency driving, reducing costs by recycling waste materials, and increasing work efficiency using software developed in-house effectively. These improvement measures make it possible for us to continuously meet client needs through our logistics, which go above and beyond the norm.

Improvement measures which maintain the high logistics quality of Fuji Logitech

The first step of our improvement measures began in 1981

Since the company's establishment, we have actively implemented improvement measures, providing support for the evolution of logistics
Our company was established in 1918. The official first step of our improvement measures began in 1981.
In 1983 we held our first QC (Quality Control) Meeting . We have continued to engage in sustained quality improvement measures ever since.

Continuation creates volume, volume improves quality

quality improvement We implement over 500 quality improvement activities each year.

2012 738
2013 805
2014 527

(Number of quality improvement proposals current as of October 2014)

Three major activity case studies

  • Reducing costs by reusing waste materials
    We have saved clients 696,000 yen per year in packing material costs by effectively recycling waste materials!
  • Improving quality through high fuel efficiency driving and environmental activities
    We reduce costs by deploying vehicles with low environmental impacts, reducing CO2 emissions, and improving driving efficiency
  • Improving operating efficiency by shortening return processing times
    We have shortened return processing times from three days to just one day by issuing product tag improvement requests to clients and developing in-house processing software

Activity Results

Quality and environmental efforts

「ISO9001」「ISO14001」 Fuji Logitech always strives to provide high-quality services and generate client satisfaction. As part of those efforts, we have acquired ISO9001 certification. ISO9001 is an international certification for quality management systems.
In recent years greater attention has been drawn to the environmental impact of business operations. We are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of our operations, and have received ISO14001 environmental management system certification.

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