Fuji Logitech is committed to managing client companies' supply chains by providing optimum and the most efficient servicesEvolving from a 3PL company to a GSE company--a shift from offering function-based logistics services to providing sustained support to optimizing an entire supply chain

Logistics services that clients are looking for

Most companies today have a supply chain management (SCM) system in place. What kind of logistics service are they looking for? Fuji Logitech group believes that clients are looking for solutions that evaluate, manage, optimize, and sustain their supply chains end to end--all from their perspectives. To meet these requirements, it is crucial for us not only to provide traditional logistics services but also to offer added value by becoming an SCM department for a client.

Logistics services that clients are looking for Logistics companies have traditionally functioned as a client's partner for logistics operations related to transport, storage, distribution and processing--operations that are required in different parts of the supply chain such as procurement, production, and sales. Such an approach, however, is no longer good enough for a provider of next-generation services.
We aspire to grow our ability to offer truly optimum solutions for the entire supply chain (including the environment surrounding the client) and to develop, implement, and operate such solutions. This will lead to us being acknowledged by clients as a professional in supply chain management, and enable us to provide the new logistics services that clients demand.

"GSE" by Fuji Logitech group

To this end, Fuji Logitech group is evolving into a GSE (global supply chain engineering) company. GSE is our brand concept, and it refers to our sustained efforts to provide the most efficient and optimum services to clients by looking at supply chains from a sophisticated engineer's perspective.
As we provide this brand concept as a new service, Fuji Logitech group starts by thoroughly studying and understanding the characteristics of the client's business models, business practices, and supply chains. Then, we analyze the current issues of the client's supply chains and the potential problems of their future business in order to extract client needs. After fully understanding these needs, we propose and implement different solutions for solving problems and achieving total optimization.

Concept of GSE

Concept of GSE

Evolution into lean logistics

As a result of optimization, the logistics that form a part of an optimized supply chain will evolve into "lean logistics", which is streamlined, efficient, and sustainable on a consistent basis.

Evolution into lean logistics The use of logistics based on the use of an in-house infrastructure (e.g. warehouses, transport and delivery functions)--frequently seen in traditional 3PL companies--has been one of the factors that prevents the realization of the most efficient and sustainable supply chain. By eliminating such factors that derived from the self-interest of service providers, and effectively utilizing the external infrastructures of other companies in the same business where necessary, Fuji Logitech group is committed to developing a form of logistics that is truly "lean" for our clients.
In line with the changes in society, markets, and business models, the ideal for clients' supply chains is changing day by day and minute by minute. Fuji Logitech group pledges to maintain our concerted efforts under our brand concept of GSE to achieve sustained total optimization of clients' supply chains.

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