Message from the President

Message from the President

Fuji Logitech group ― Bringing Prosperity through Logistics

President Yosuke SuzukiThank you for visiting our website.

In recent years, the business environment has undergone rapid changes and in the global market, where barriers have disappeared in information and financial industries, companies must endure ever stiffer competition from businesses of all nations. On the other hand, in the logistics field which handles real goods, the importance of logistics strategies has been on the rise because logistics will create bottlenecks if smooth operations cannot be secured.

Fuji Logitech group is a "lean logistics" corporate complex, a ceaseless provider of optimum logistics services, establishing "Global Supply Chain Engineering" as our group vision and directing our focus with the exacting eyes of engineers on the supply chain needs of our customers, that change in real time.

"Lean" means "without fat," which in turn means "efficient excluding waste." Now companies are required to manage by distributing limited resources efficiently. Being "lean" will grow as a more important concept for sustainable business in the future.

Fuji Logitech group, as a manager of global supply chains, not only provides logistics functions, but also helps our customers achieve business targets by removing in advance potential logistics problems which will be obstacles to the business of customers. We promise to provide service as a long-term strategic logistics partner who understands the management policy of customers.

It is our mission to contribute to society by transmitting "lean" services to the world from Japan, which conceived of the idea of "mottainai" as a culture base from ancient times.

Fuji Logitech group has adopted a corporate philosophy:

corporate slogan

Since our company was founded, this corporate philosophy has emphasized our focus on customer and employee satisfaction. This slogan also illustrates our desire to enhance the satisfaction of not only our customers and employees, but also our entire community. In order to further these goals, we must constantly recommit ourselves to ensuring that society welcomes our services and corporate activities, that our services and operations please all concerned, and that we recognize the result of such activities lead to corporate revenues. Fuji Logitech Group is dedicated to maintaining the high quality of services that contribute to our communities, make our customers happy, and create more satisfaction for more people.

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