We operate while staying on the leading edge of appropriate apparel industry work, information, and fashions.

Apparel Apparel warehouses serve as distribution centers.
A significant portion of the value of apparel depends on consumers, so logistics centers offer flexibility and high work capabilities that make it possible to take advantage of every retail outlet and dealer sales opportunity.

Work is broadly divided into receiving and shipping, and then further divided into receipt, inspection, storage, replenishment, picking, and delivery. Other operations include inventory management and processing work. Receiving consists of the receipt of products brought in by containers and trucks, inspecting received products to ensure that quantities are correct and quality levels are sufficient, and storing the products in their designated spaces. During shipping, shipping orders from clients are used to select which products are to be replenished, and to pick the indicated products , which are then packaged. The prepared products are then shipped out and delivered.
In response to sudden requests from clients, decisions must be made, orders issued, and actions taken, all in a speedy and accurate manner. Our warehouses develop and grow to meet trends and changing times, always staying on the leading edge of appropriate apparel industry work, information, and fashions, operating as a unified team.

1 Fast fashion
We smoothly handle everything from the ground up, from building logistics systems to operating them. This includes ensuring stable supplies to stores and creating optimized transportation and delivery lines.
2 to B & to C We have extensive experience with logistics not only for directly operated stores, wholesalers, and department stores, but also for individuals and electronic commerce (EC).
3 Return processing We also flexibly handle difficult return processing, including returned product sorting, inspection, and restocking
4 RFID*,
material handling (sorters)
We use RFID product tags as needed, and use material handling (sorters) that offer the utmost in work efficiency

* RFID( Radio Frequency IDentification )・・・Wireless technology used to read tag information

Compared to barcodes:
RFID can be used to simultaneously read multiple tags
 (Product information can be read for multiple products, even while still boxed)
RFID tags can be read even when covered by other materials
RFID tag information can be modified
Compared to theft-prevention tags:
RFID tags can be used to identify individual products

RFID tags can be attached to products and read with readers installed on storage racks, acceptance and delivery lines, and access gates. This makes it possible to visualize quantity management through tracking and tracing, and requires far less workload than conventional data reading approaches.

Together with Japanese apparel manufacturers, we have deployed RFID technology in supply chains for more efficient operation, from product management at distribution centers (DCs) to sales at retail locations.

Store uses
* Cash register sales registration
* Stocktaking
* Theft prevention
 ⇒ Reduces work time by roughly 60%

DC uses
* Batch receiving and shipping inspection
* Stocktaking
* Relocation
 Reduces work time by roughly 75%


Main Track Record

We have many years of experience providing services for a wide range of store types.

Client  Years of Service Directly Operated Store Volume Retailer Department Store Wholesaler Outlet EC


Foreign apparel (USA) 11        
Foreign outdoor products (USA) 7
Foreign shoes (USA) 3
Foreign apparel / sundries (USA) 11      
Foreign baby products (Europe) 5    
Foreign apparel (Europe) 9
Japanese apparel 6      
Foreign apparel / shoes 18      
Foreign apparel (USA) 2      
Uniforms 12


Distribution processing track record

  • X-ray needle inspection, needle inspection
  • Tagging, tag removal
  • Quality inspection
  • Cleaning tag attachment
  • Bagging / refolding
  • Cleaning
  • Hanging
  • Assortment
Pressing Pressing
Embroidery Embroidery
Piece sorter Piece sorter
Apparel sorter
Inspection of returned goods
Shipment inspection

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