Outdoor / Sporting Goods

We can handle diverse sporting good storage and shipping formats.

Outdoor / Sporting GoodsWe handle a wide range of outdoor products, such as tents and sleeping bags, mountain climbing gear, such as mountain parkas, climbing boots, and backpacks, and sporting goods, such as soccer, golf, ski, and snowboard products.
Outdoor and sporting goods come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. We provide optimal storage, and provide delivery to wholesaler logistics centers, volume retailers, small retailers, home shopping customers, and more. We can also provide distribution processing and create exclusive tickets and labels for volume retailers.

Main Track Record

Client Products Years of Service
Foreign apparel / sundries (USA) Outdoor apparel 15
Foreign golf products (USA) Golf gear 12
Foreign ski products (Europe) Ski gear 5
Japanese sporting goods Sporting goods 18

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