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We use an industry-leading truck placement system to provide transport services, backed by a 30 year track record.

運輸サービス Fuji Logitrans provides primarily truck-based transportation services. We launched our industry-leading truck placement system, which leverages return routes, in 1980, and used it for over thirty years. We call this system "ACTION" (All Cargo & Transport Information System). We now use "Neo ACTION," an advanced next-generation form of the ACTION system, to provide clients with transport services.

In the past, client needs focused on lowering transport unit costs, but there are now growing environmental and quality needs, such as compliance with CO2 emissions reduction mandates and reducing delivery times. This makes improved transport efficiency a societal mission. We utilize the expertise we have accrued to provide clients with proposals for achieving greater transport efficiency. Of course, we also offer regular delivery, route delivery, and special transport, so feel free to consult us regarding any of your domestic transport needs.
* Our warehouses offer transport using courier services and consolidated delivery.

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