Automobile Products

We deliver automobile products to stores nationwide in the quantities requested by clients.

tiresWe supply tires, aluminum wheels, aerodynamic parts, mufflers, accessories, and other automobile parts in order units to volume retailers and retail outlets, and in single vehicle sets to dealerships nationwide.
We also handle lot management, structural component assembly, home shopping operations, and kanban deliveries.

automobile parts

Handling and Operation Examples

Tire mounting

  • Aluminum wheel insertion
  • Visual inspection on an aluminum wheel
    inspection table
    (based on client specifications)
  • Tire insertion
  • Tire changer mounting
  • Air filling
  • Balancer
  • Packaging
  • Completed product pallet stacking

We analyze operation processes to create layouts with waste-free product and employee movement lines to achieve greater operational efficiency.

Aluminum wheels inspection
Tire mounting
Air filling
Keep balance

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