General Merchandise

We flexibly handle a wide range of products, accurately meeting clients' needs.

We have an extensive track record of handling a wide range of materials, such as interior decorations, plateware such as wine glasses, furniture, toys, and general merchandise. In addition to using storage optimized to meet the characteristics, sizes, and shapes of individual products, and handling products both by the case and on the individual piece level, we also excel at providing various distribution processing services.

  • Acceptable Quality Level (AQL)-based sampling inspection and complete inspection
  • Price label and tag attachment
  • Labeling
  • Blister packs
  • Assortment and set assembly
  • Instruction manual printing and insertion
  • Subdivision and bagging
  • Presentation box repackaging
  • Client-exclusive ticket creation
  • Gift wrapping
  • Returned product simple reclamation

Main Track Record

Client Products Years of Service Sales Channels
Foreign apparel / sundries Outdoor apparel, sundries, furniture 15 Stores, outlets, home shopping
Foreign cosmetics / sundries Cosmetics, sundries, accessories 8 Stores, department stores, home shopping
Japanese furniture and sundries Furniture and sundries 5 Stores
Japanese appliances and sundries Sundries, appliances, general merchandise 3 Home shopping
Japanese sundries and general merchandise Sundries and general merchandise 3 Wholesalers, home shopping
Japanese general merchandise and sundry manufacturer Wide range of general merchandise for hardware stores 10 Wholesalers
Japanese interior decorations Interior decorations, plateware, accessories 3 Stores
Foreign glass product manufacturer Wine glasses 9 Stores, home shopping
Japanese model manufacturer Models and RC cars 11 Volume retailers, wholesalers
Foreign toys Stuffed animals 8 Stores, home shopping
Japanese boutique shop Watches 1 Stores, home shopping
Bubble wrapping
Inspection of wineglass

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