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We offer data integration with the systems of major home shopping sites.

Home Shopping Logistics Maintaining ones logistics division is essential to succeeding in the rapidly growing industry of home shopping.
Being unable to keep up with high order volumes, or generating complaints due to large numbers of shipping errors, can damage a company's very credibility.
Outsourcing your logistics to a dedicating logistics company with expertise in the field allows you to focus on developing products and increasing sales, as well as making it possible to provide the end users awaiting your products with a higher level of service.
Consult with Fuji Logitech regarding any home shopping logistics issues you may face.

Do you face any of these problems? Fuji Logitech can provide solutions!
We get orders but we can't ship our products in time!
We can't keep down the number of shipping errors!
Our system doesn't work smoothly!
We're worried about the quality of outsourced services!

Providing robust support for client home shopping operations through two core features!

We support our clients' home shopping operations through our high-quality services and systems developed in-house.

Providing high-quality service based on expertise developed over a decade

Fuji Logitech has extensive experience in meeting the needs of many home shopping operators. Our experience with a wide range of products has enabled us to build home shopping logistics infrastructure and new services. We provide waste-free, optimized services to fit client needs, from basic services such as receiving and shipping, inventory management, packaging, and return processing, to services such as quality inspection, product reinforcement, and gift services.

Our systems are developed in-house, making it possible to speedily build systems optimized for our clients

The systems Fuji Logitech develops have a concept: rapidly meeting client needs. This first requires that we assess conditions at a wide range of operation sites, accurately identify needs, and design systems that optimally meet those needs. Almost all of Fuji Logitech's SEs have warehouse operation experience. We are confident in our ability to design systems which make operations more efficient. We use our field experience in designing systems, making it possible to quickly build systems which accurately meet client needs.
⇒ Our systems immediately meet client and operation site needs!

Fuji Logitech uses the same core menu for our warehouse management systems (WMS) nationwide. These are then customized to meet the individual needs of clients. This makes it possible to rapidly built systems at a reasonable price. We develop our own systems in-house, a rarity among logistics companies. That's what enables us to quickly create systems which rapidly meet client needs based on a thorough understanding of operations.
⇒ Rapid deployment of WMS featuring a unified nationwide platform customized for individual clients!

Home shopping logistics system design (customization) examples

Barcode inspection
   (we also have RFID experience)
Client-specified price tag and other tag creation

Client-specified packing slip creation
Shipping notification email delivery

*We have extensive experience with other customization as well.

Main Track Record

We have many years of experience providing logistics for a diverse range of home shopping businesses.

Client Products Years of Service
Japanese baby product online retailer Baby products 13
Japanese online retailer Women's apparel, undergarments, and sundries 7
Japanese online retailer Beverages, sundries, high-end brands, etc. 7
Foreign apparel home shopping operator (USA) Women's apparel 5
Foreign apparel / sundries home shopping operator(USA) Outdoor apparel, sundries, furniture 15

Schedule example
Tue:Order deadline   Wed:Product acceptance starts  → Operation (four days a week) →  Sat:Shipping completed
Examples of volume handled
7,500 orders/day,  30,000 orders/week,  120,000 orders/month

Home Shopping Logistics - Distribution Processing Examples

  • Weekly product lineup replacement
  • Handling of all types of products, from sundries to high-end brands, etc.
  • Gift processing
  • Quality inspection, assortment, kitting work

Home Shopping Logistics Client Case Studies

Company A Catalog (+Web) Shopping

Company A Catalog (+Web) ShoppingCompany A Catalog (+Web) Shopping Products:
Baby products and apparel
Years of Service:

This client used to ship 10 to 100 orders a day through catalog-based home shopping sales, but they focused on their online sales segment, rapidly boosting their sales. They now ship 2,000 to 3,000 orders per day. Based on these catalog sales operations, we built high-quality current online sales logistics services. We also provide optional product quality control (specification inspection and defect reporting) services.

Company B Online Sales (Drop Shipping)

Company B Online Sales (Drop Shipping)Company B Online Sales (Drop Shipping) Products:
General merchandise (including cosmetics) and food products
Years of Service:

Initially, this client was shipping anywhere from 1 to 20 orders a day, but with the rise of drop shipping the number of orders climbed. They now ship 300 to 500 orders per day. We have fused the client's system with our own customized system to achieve greater efficiency and stable quality in the face of increasing order volume. We hold regular monthly meetings with the client and engage in ongoing efforts to further increase efficiency and improve service levels.

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