We provide systems that fit our clients' needs, based on our long track record and extensive experience

システムWe develop, maintain, and operate supply chain-spanning systems to manage not only internal information, but group information as well, in order to improve the level of service we provide to our clients, and achieve greater operation efficiency and consistency.

  • Unified company-wide platform, customized for individual clients
    FENICS (Fujilogitech ENterprise Information Core System) is our core system for centrally managing information for the entire supply chain, including inventory management. It can be customized to fit individual client operations.
    We use our extensive experience to provide systems with short turnaround times, at reasonable prices.
  • Track record of connections with various industries and ERPs
    Our systems use the know-how generated through our history of working with clients in various industries. We also have a long track record of system interconnection with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, including SAP, ORACLE, Microsoft NAV, and JDE.

Fuji Logitech's System Development Capabilities

01 In-house design
Most of our in-house SEs have warehouse operation experience.
This makes it possible to design systems based on a thorough understanding of clients' and worksites' needs.
02 Unified nationwide platform and individual client WMS
The same core WMS (Warehouse Management System) menu is used nationwide, and customized for individual clients.
This makes it possible to develop systems in a short period of time, ensuring that prices are reasonable.
03 Track record of connections with various industries and ERPs
The expertise we have developed working with various industries is reflected in our systems.
We also have extensive experience connecting to ERPs such as SAP and JDE.

Overview of "FENICS"


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