Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical Products, and Cosmetics

医薬品 物流

We provide logistics know-how and pharmaceutical expertise, helping ensure quality and bringing logistics functions to the next level.

医薬品 物流We obey the Act on Securing Quality, Efficacy and Safety of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Regenerative and Cellular Therapy Products, Gene Therapy Products, and Cosmetics when handling pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and cosmetics. In addition to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Quality Management System (QMS) compliance, we also work together with clients to build Good Distribution Practices (GDP).
Not only do we perform serial and lot management and expiration date management, but we also perform inspection and package labeling operations (legal description labeling, package insert enclosure, etc.) with a focus on quality and safety, based on a thorough understanding of product characteristics. Clients can take advantage of our package and other article manufacturing services, as well as our sales services, to help reduce client workloads and management costs.
We also have a track record of handling total client supply chain management on consignment, coordinating with internal client divisions, centrally managing information and goods, eliminating latent waste, and reducing management workloads.

Facilities and equipment

We offer facilities appropriate for handling pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and cosmetics, meeting the quality level needs of our clients.

  • Quality assurance:Air conditioned storage, refrigerated storage, special pharmaceutical storage, dangerous article warehousing, temperature and humidity control (monitoring), clean booths, power generators
  • Hygiene:Dust-resistant floor coating, vermin-proofing, speed shutters
  • Security: Fingerprint authentication / palm vein authentication , card key room access management, remote camera based monitoring system, border guards


We provide licensed services that meet client needs.

Category License
Pharmaceutical products Pharmaceutical product wholesaling
Medical devices Medical device manufacturing (final product storage in Japan),
medical device sales and rental
Cosmetics Cosmetics manufacturing (packaging, labeling, storage categorization)
Veterinary pharmaceutical products Veterinary pharmaceutical product manufacturing (packaging, labeling, storage categorization),
veterinary pharmaceutical product wholesaling
Veterinary medical devices Veterinary medical device manufacturing (final product storage in Japan),
veterinary medical device sales and rental

Specialist teams

Our GMP/QMS ministerial ordinance compliance management system is led by experienced pharmacists and responsible technical managers thoroughly versed in the industry. Clients can feel secure leaving operations to our specialist teams of staff who have undergone pharmaceutical affairs training.

Handling Record

Category Handled Products
Pharmaceutical products Prescription drugs, Nonprescription drugs, veterinary drugs
Medical devices Catheters, artificial joints, hearing aids, blood pressure meters, diagnostic imaging equipment, shadowless surgical lights, etc.
Cosmetics Skin care products, cosmetics

Examples of supplementary operations

Veterinary Pharmaceutical product manufacturing


* Visual examination (containers, package inserts, legal description labels)
* Property testing (color, odor)
* Test requests to outside testing organizations
* Individual package repackaging (in clean booths)
* Reference specimen storage
* Shipping acceptability determination

Medical device manufacturing

Property testing
Property testing

* Visual inspection
* Operation confirmation
* Printing and affixing of legal description labels
* Printing and enclosure of package inserts
* Accessory content confirmation
* Shipping acceptability determination

医薬品 物流
医薬品 物流
医薬品 物流

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