Food Products

Food Products

We manage food products accurately and hygienically, at the optimal temperature for each individual product type.

Food is an essential part of our daily lives, and ensuring its safety requires strict management and appropriate handling. We use appropriate facilities, management systems, and transportation and delivery networks to speedily deliver food products to consumers while maintaining their high levels of quality, the fruit of careful quality management by clients.

We can handle products in the unit sizes needed by clients, from cases to individual boxes and pieces.

Key food product logistics terms

  • Expiration date management
    We use our unique warehouse management system (WMS) to flexibly handle high-mix, small-lot management of products containing various ingredients, made in various plants. This also provides first-in first-out handling functions and shipped product trace functions.
  • Temperature management
    Temperature management is an essential element of food storage. In addition to storing products at one of four temperature ranges (room temperature, fixed temperature, chilled, and frozen), we also have high temperature storage facilities for performing inspection analysis. We keep our clients' products in optimal condition.
  • Case, box, and piece shipping
    We can handle diverse shipment forms, such as aggregating individual products for clients' sales sites, improving overall efficiency and helping enhance clients' sales capabilities.
  • Value added work
    We provide a broad range of distribution processing to meet client needs, including visual inspection, labeling, wrapping, gift set assortment, and the creation of products for special events.
  • Joint delivery
    We make full use of multiple transportation and delivery networks for joint delivery, meeting the varied delivery requirements of volume retail centers, wholesalers, and retailers while delivering small product lots to locations nationwide at reasonable prices.

Main Track Record

We have many years of experience providing logistics for a diverse range of businesses and products.

Client Products Years of Service
Japanese food product manufacturer Wheat products, flour for commercial use 10
Japanese food product manufacturer Dried foods, ingredients 11
Japanese food product manufacturer Condiments 15
Foreign sweets manufacturer Chocolates 10
Japanese beverage manufacturer Soft drinks, ingredients 18
Japanese beverage manufacturer Milk product ingredients 7
Foreign health food manufacturer Health food ingredients 8
Japanese food trading company Olive oil, wheat products 12

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