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Production and consumption sites are distributed around the world, and corporate supply chains are diversifying and changing at a blinding pace. There are numerous supply chain models, constantly evolving, and the optimal approach varies depending on the business strategy.
The first stage of our services for optimizing overall supply chains begins with accurately assessing conditions from a wide-ranging perspective. We gain a bird's eye view of the flow of information and goods, from upstream to downstream, unbound by distinctions between business departments, jurisdictions, and internal and external parties. This enables us to plan and propose innovative plans for optimizing entire supply chains.

Case Studies

Continuous Improvement Activities

The logistics services which make up optimized supply chains must always be waste-free, efficient, and sustainable. We engage in ongoing improvements to reduce costs through logistics system changes.

2011 Eliminated excess inventory through inventory site aggregation
Improved inventory storage method (inventory variance rate: 0.002% or less)
2012 Eliminated acceptance inspection / overhauled delivery method (actively implementing combined cargo transport by revising charter flow routes)
Introduced KPI and ABC systems => Improved productivity of vendors (operators) through evaluation and education
2013 Applied new pricing (applied fair unit price following end of temporary unit price operation period)
Reduced store inventory shortage rates by introducing follow-up shipping => Increased sales opportunities (average store sales increase of 10%)
Systematized shipping process => Reduced burden placed on logistics manager
2014 Inventory compression (merged store-directed inventory and EC inventory and implemented systematized management)
Reviewed and revised delivery methods (leveraging consolidated delivery)

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