Warehousing Services

We provide value-added services such as distribution processing and inspection in addition to our storage, acceptance, and delivery services.

We have in-house facilities from Northern Kanto to Kyushu which we use as strategic logistics sites in our comprehensive logistics operations. Handling a wide range of products from raw materials to finished products, we specialize not only in BtoB but also BtoC logistics (home shopping, etc.). We also provide value-added services such as distribution processing and inspection tailored to the features of our clients' products, in addition to our storage, acceptance, and delivery services. What's more, our warehouses arrange integrated delivery dispatching, using courier services and consolidated delivery services. Even after operations are launched, we serve our clients as partners, analyzing their needs and situational data to continue providing proposals for further optimization.
* Our warehouse divisions are engaged in a wide range of business activities, so please see our Activities by Product Type page for more information.

Fuji Logitech's Warehousing Services


We provide storage locations which are optimally matched to product characteristics.

StorageFuji Logitech has a wide range of warehouses, including not only dry (room temperature) warehouses and climate controlled warehouses (warm, fixed temperature, chilled, and refrigerated), but also warehouses with overhead cranes and open-air storage sites. These warehouses make it possible for us to supply clients with storage locations that are optimally matched to product characteristics.

Inventory management is handled by flexibly customizing our WMS (FENICS) system, developed in-house. Our storage environments are not merely responsible for a basic inventory management, but provide support for client operations through various forms of data reporting and the issuing of exclusive forms and tickets. Our system has provided data interfaces to numerous other systems, making it easy to build environments in which data and information can be shared with clients.

Operation Sites and Handled Products

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  Tokyo Chiba Yoko
Nagoya Osaka Fuku
General Merchandise        
Food Products              
Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical Products, and Cosmetics                    
Rice / Tea                      
Home Shopping                  
Bulk Grain            〇              
Electrical and Mechanical Products              
Precision Instruments                    
Outdoor / Sporting Goods                  
Sales Promotion Articles / Fixtures / Pamphlets                    

Acceptance and Delivery Operations

A wide array of logistics equipment is used to efficiently handle products as appropriate for their respective form factors.

We use product-handling equipment (clamp forklifts, gantry cranes, overhead cranes, loading shovels, etc.) to carry out work efficiently and safely. Not only do we perform acceptance and delivery of large products using this equipment, but also acceptance and delivery of individual cases or pieces through manual handling.

Apparel sorter
Shipment inspection

Distribution Processing

We provide services which add value to client products.

Our distribution processing consists of value-added services capable of increasing client product value and meeting the demands of product customers and end users. Our track record encompasses a wide range of products, including apparel, food products, general merchandise, precision instruments, communications devices, computers, and medical devices.

Examples of Distribution Processing Work

Operation Detailed Explanation
Inspection We perform product inspections to client-defined standards. We have experience with everything from precision instrument operation confirmation to product visual inspection.
Assembly We assemble products based on client-supplied procedures. We can handle everything from built-to-order computers to furniture.
Mending and basic repair Mending apparel products is one of our specialties. We also perform embroidery using monogramming machines.
Needle inspection We use needle detectors and X-ray inspection devices to check that no needles have been left in apparel, bedding, or other products.
Tagging and labeling We attach client-specified price tags and discount tags, clothing washing instruction labels, size tags, etc.
Set assembly
We create and pack sets of products, such as gift sets and grab bags, containing multiple products, in accordance with client instructions.
Subdivision We repackage the content of large containers into smaller containers suitable for retail sale.
Packaging and filling We perform packaging and filling as directed by clients, and also sell packaging and filling materials.
Client-exclusive ticket creation and enclosure We create tickets as specified by clients and customers. Our systems are customizable, making it possible to perform printing for a wide range of forms.
Bubble wrapping
Inspection of returned goods
Aluminum wheels inspection
Tire mounting
Air filling
Keep balance

Quality Inspection

We have an extensive inspection track record. Some locations are also equipped with X-ray inspection devices. Please feel free to consult with us regarding your inspection needs.

We perform quality inspections as requested by clients. Visual inspections, quality inspections, and operation confirmation are performed as directed in client specifications. We have experience performing inspections for apparel (needle inspection, X-ray needle inspection, needlework inspection, returned product inspection, tag confirmation), food products (imported bottled food tapping inspection, grain storage quality inspection, etc.), general merchandise (returned product inspection), precision instruments (function and operation confirmation), communications devices (function and operation confirmation), computers (operation confirmation), and more. Please feel free to consult with us regarding your inspection needs.

Quality Inspection
Quality Inspection
Quality Inspection
Inspection of wineglass

Handled Products

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