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Outsource your complex operations to Fuji Logitech! Call on us to handle your sales promotion articles and pamphlets.

Managing and sorting sales promotion articles, pamphlets, and event fixtures can be very time consuming when dealing with large quantities, and can negatively impact sales activities and product development. Cumbersome management, on the other hand, can also result in losses, as it may prevent you from immediately using what you need when you need it. Consult with Fuji Logitech if you face any of the issues below. We can reduce your workload and provide optimized management on your behalf.

Do you face any of these problems? Fuji Logitech can provide solutions!
We want to lower logistics costs for our sales promotion articles and pamphlets.
We spend a lot of time on managing sales promotion articles, and are unable to dedicate
   ourselves to sales activities.

We want to rationalize excess inventory of sales promotion articles and pamphlets.
We have a great deal of difficulty handling our event fixtures.
We lend out demo units, but managing their status and reclaiming them takes time and effort.
Whenever pharmaceutical product package inserts are revised we are constantly worried
   that old and new versions will get mixed up.

Leave the following to us!

  • Distribution management Distribution management
    ・Inventory management of pamphlets in single pamphlet
    ・Package insert version management
    ・Item catalog creation
  • Delivery management Delivery management
    ・Optimized delivery methods based on using multiple
     transportation companies for separate
  • Loan management Loan management
    ・Shipping notification
    ・Return date notification
    ・Returned product maintenance
    ・Loan status management
    ・Late return management
  • Logistics analysis Logistics analysis
    ・Inventory status analysis reports - "Cargo movement",
     "Aging", "Immobile stock"
    ・Logistics reports for individual sales sites - "Sales
     promotion article expenses", "Return rates"
    ・Ordering point management

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